Table linen and kitchen

Hand-printed fabrics, linen for the table and the kitchen printed in Romagna on fine linen and cotton canvas. Here you can find tablecloths, napkins, tea towels, table runners, curtains, aprons, fabric baskets in a wide range of modern, vintage and rustic decorations. Decorations and designs with ear and grapes, forks, panarea sardines, sunflowers, pomegranates, tulips, lemons, strawberries, cherries, palm. The prints on fabric are made by hand according to an ancient technique, the rust printing, that is, the colors are made with the rust of iron and then imprinted with wooden molds made by hand by the artisans. The fabrics can be in mixed linen, cotton or ironed linen or crumpled linen, that is, it does not require ironing after washing. Please note that the rust printing technique allows the fibers of the fabric to absorb color deeply and withstand years of continuous washing. A certificate of authenticity by the Bertozzi craftsman of the original Romagna press is provided.

Express Worldwide delivery in USA and Canada.

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