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Household linen Stamperia Bertozzi

Household linen Stamperia Bertozzi

Household linen Stamperia Bertozzi There are 27 products.


  • Italian tablecloths...

    Sell online Italian tablecloths Bertozzi hand-made and hand-printed. Hand-stitched by italian artisans.

    Fine linen tablecloth with ancient techniques of printing. Beutiful Decoration with sardines print, sunflowers, pomegranade and tulips. Vintage tablcloth with stampe romagnole an italian tecnique of printing. Romagna's print on linen fabric

  • Hand-printed table...

    Italian table runner with rustic prints and old design with grapes print , sunflowers and pomegranates decoration.

    Classic of italian tradition with romagna's print with ancient tecnique of printing on textile.

  • Aprons and dish cloth

     dish cloth and aprons Hand-printed and hand-made by italian artisans.

    Italian craftsmanship hand-printed. Aprons and Dish cloth in cotton and linen for kitchen and house.

    Elegant dish cloth and aprons with sardines, pomeganates, tulips, bowls and heart, sunflowers print by stamperia bertozzi. Express worlwide delivery also in USA and Canada.

  • Bread box

    Buy online Bread box in paper washable and linen hand-made and hand-printed.

    Pomegranades and sunflowers print big and small size 100% Made in italy.

    Collection sardines, foks and tulips print, italian Breadbox in linen fabric.

  • curtains for the house

    Italian curtains for the house hand printed by artisan, on Custom measures.

    Vintage curtains hand-printed with ancient tecnique of printing by italian craftmenship.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items