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Set of porcelain plates Decoro plus colors


Handmade porcelain plates plus Colors.



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Modern Set of porcelain plates painted in gray
Beautiful and unique in each piece, they are made completely by hand for this will never be the same as another set, elegant for your tables will make your every meal personalized.

The larger plate is decorated brushed, while the others have the color on the edge, one idea would also be to have them in matching but different colors.

1 Bottom plate 20 cm

1 Flat plate 29 cm

1 Bowl 13cm

Available in a wide range of colors.

Porcelain is made to order and the measurements are made on customer directions and/or suggestions. Prices may also vary depending on the measures chosen.

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Stamperia Bertozzi
100% Made in Italy
important notes
The ceramic , porcelain and glass products are manufactured and hand-painted by Italian artisans making it an exclusive item and not replicable. The products are manufactured without the use of animal products and non-toxic materials